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Krakow is one of the largest and oldest cities in Poland. The earliest known settlement on the present site of Krakow was established on Wawel Hill and dates back to the 4th century.
If you are coming from the airport, you can take a train which is the fastest way to reach the center of Krakow and takes about 20 minutes. Taxis and private drivers will drive you to the center in about 35 minutes. Public buses usually take 50 minutes to reach the main station.
The best time to visit Krakow is between April and October when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer tourist crowds.


Places to visit

Rynek is definitely the most important place to visit in Krakow. Krakow Rynek is one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe and has been the center for almost 700 years. The square was built in the 13th century and has been a hub of activity ever since . It is surrounded by historic buildings such as St. Mary Basilica and the Cloth Hall . The square has also been a place of many important events including political rallies and public executions.
Wawel Royal is the castle where Polish kings lived.
Kazimierz is the Jewish quarter and is located within walking distance to Rynek.
Park Jordana is one of the greenest places in Krakow. Good places to visit are also Skalki Twardowskiego, Zakrzowek, Lagiewniki and the Live Butterfly museum.

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