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E-post:  hostel@pinkpanthershostel.com
Tlf: (+48) 124220935
Faks:(+48) 123783707

24 timer i døgnet
365 dager i året

Św. Tomasza 8, 2 etasje
31-014 Krakow, Polen

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Pink Panther's Hostel Kraków - Staff

Rightful heir to the Polish throne, descendant of the spanish royal blood, and missing child of the Jagiellons, could easily become the king of Spain, but first he must take power in Poland, as it unfortunately is in chaos. The current government wants him dead, what forced him to live underground, with just some few trusted nobles. Once he regains the crown, he shall move the capitol back to Krakow, and will be one of the greatest Kings in the polish history. So it was written.
Some people call her a pedantic and scrupulous freak some a party animal, and they’re all kind of right … When she’s working, everything has to be in order. But you don’t have to be afraid if you mess something up, she’s always very smiling and she won’t shout at all, unless you’re Tomek. When she’s not working she’s still in the hostel, just to give you a hug, or to shout at Tomek, just in case he’s done something wrong. She’s always happy to send you a beautiful smile just to cheer you up. You can even ask her to sing a song – oh she’s got the voice! And when the night comes – Oh, she shines a lot !!! If you ever have the opportunity to go with her out, DO NOT hesitate! Unforgettable night guaranteed !

There are some more things about Paulina you should know before you propose – she loves animals, especially cats! she drinks tea and coffee without sugar, she’s the biggest fan of Jane Austen’s novels, she’s chocoholic and she doesn’t like roses… To find out more meet her at Pink Panther’s Hostel !!!
Beautiful but clever, gets the job done without even doing it. When the boys arrive and she's at the reception they're the ones asking 'how can I help you?'. Just one her look and they're hipnotised, kind of a girl that gives you the brainwash. Smokin' hot, profesional heartbraker. The squint in her eyes and a dopey smile means she's up to something... an idea which is impossible for an ordinary mind to understand. Probably the most ridiculous, but the most awesome idea of all.
The highest general of the polish royal army, came to Poland after the spanish home war in 1997. Once young, was a bullfighter but the situation in home country, made him join the Army of Andalucia. Finally exiled for throwing a tomato in the spanish king's face. The King of Poland was kind enough to put him in charge of his forces. Now they're planning an invasion, on the spanish infidels.
If she would describe her future plans by one word, it would be – Travelling. She’s going to become a great explorer of remote destinations and unknown places. That’s not an easy task, but Kasia has connections at the North Pole ;P She’s Santa’s favorite gnome. She studies tourism and recreation, collects guide books and maps, that’s why she’s really useful for planning Santa’s Journeys. Beside this, in her free time meets up with her friends (not telling anyone about her second life), doing nothing and searching for cheap flights. She Is an owner of 2 cats and one magic bicycle (she got it from Santa).