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hostel krakow
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Email:  hostel@pinkpanthershostel.com
Phone: (+48) 124220935
Fax:(+48) 123783707
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24 Hours a Day
365 Days a year

St. Tomasza Street building no.8, 2nd floor
31-014 Krakow, Poland

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You can’t get bored at Pink Panther’s Hostel!!!
Devoted staff will arrange evening activities such as Polish vodka tastings, Russian champagne evenings, chocolate muffins and many many others…

Monday – Chocolate Muffins
Every monday, We'll be happy to give you the sweetest sweets, made by our sweetest Staff members, we will give you the chocolate muffins, the PPH special! take a bite and see.
Tuesday – Beerpong
One of our Staff's favourites, every tuesday we're going to play beerpong, and other drinking games, litres of beer to consume, lots and lots of fun on the way. Join the fun!
Wednesday – Żurek
Every Wednesday Our staff will make you a proper traditional dish - Żurek, the famous polish sour soup. Enjoy!
Thursday – Wine Evening
At the end of every thursday, we sit aside with our guests, with a glass of wine, and encourage them to wind down and share their day's experiences.
Friday – Chocolate Fountain Fondue
On Friday afternoons we would like to invite you to an ultimate chocolate experience! Bananas, cookies and seasonal fruits dipped in our chocolate fountain fondue are something you can’t miss!
Saturday – Champagne & Karaoke Night
On Saturday we're having some champagne, which will definitely get you in the singing mood, that's why we'll have all the equipment set, for you to shine like a star :)
Sunday – Polish Vodka Tasting *
How about never ending weekend with the Polish vodka tasting? This crazy evening will definitely make your stay at Pink Panther’s Hostel unforgettable. Every Sunday - drink many different Polish vodkas, get a chance to make new friends during the party and experience the Polish partying style!
Others activities
At Pink Panther’s Hostel we have a shisha (hooka pipe)– perfect way for a quick journey to Turkey.

If it rains or you have to slow dawn with partying, you can always watch some movies. Get together with others guests and the hostel residents in the common area and enjoy the movie!

Every night we go for a Pub Crawl!!! The Crawl hits 4-5 of Krakow's best bars and clubs, depending on what's hot that night. We always end up at a club open until dawn. One hour of unlimited beer, vodka shots! Skip the tourist trap and party where the local's go! On Saturdays don’t miss the tram ‘cause there is no party like a tram party!!! It’s the best way to discover Krakow by night with a DJ, upgraded sound and lighting system on the tram.

* By taking part in this event you represent and warrant that you are of drinking age in your country.

hostel krakow